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Slavery... the elephant in the room

Ever since Virginia's governor restored the tradition in Virginia of declaring a Confederate Heritage month, everyone and their brother have come out of the woodwork to criticize his actions. They have complained of the "racism" of his declaration, and of his lack of declaring slavery as the cause of the war. We have seen similar complaints regarding schools named after Confederate heroes. These people act as if everything confederate should be redacted from the historical record due to this, and that anything even remotely honoring these men should be stricken down.

Let's examine that possibility for a moment: lets examine the possibility that we should eliminate slaveholders from the historical record.

  • George Washington: let's tear down the Washington monument, rename the district of Columbia and take white out to the dollar bill and a chisel to the quarter.
  • Thomas Jefferson : why not throw away the declaration of Independence, chisel his face off of the nickel, and do away with any monuments to his memory
  • There were 17 members of the Constitutional convention that were slave owners, and the document allowed slavery, so let's throw it away with the declaration.
  • Lincoln endorsed the "Corwin amandment" as a measure to end his war. The Corwin amendment would have specifically codified slavery as an institution not to be tampered with. He also signed the emancipation proclamation which left any slaves not in an "area of rebellion" alone. so, I guess we need to take down the Lincoln memorial, melt down all of the pennies and burn all of our 5 dollar bills ( i actually like the sound of that)
  • Alexander Hamilton was one of those slave owning members of the convention, so  lets do away with the ten bill as well.
  • We also need to remove the $20 (Andrew Jackson), the $50 (Grant), and the $100 (Franklin) from service for the same reasons.
  • The capitol dome was built with slave labor, so don't put away those chisels just yet.
  • We also need to abolish black History month. why? continue reading.

Slavery, as an institution has existed for thousands of years, and on every continent but Antarctica... as far as we know; so how is it that the Confederacy alone, in it's five years as an independent nation, should bear the burden ? Slavery was a common practice both North and South since before the constitution, and continued into the constitutional era, as evidenced by the many mentions of "other persons" in the document itself.

we'll ignore the multiple millenia before the English began to settle in what would become America, likewise we'll also ignore the fact that people of every ethnicity have been slaves ( as it seems the media so often does) and we'll focus specifically on African slavery in what would become the United States.

In 1619, a dutch trading ship arrived at Jamestown, and traded his cargo, 20 Africans, for supplies. At this time there was nothing in the law concerning slaves, so these men were indentured servants, the same as many other colonists who came to the new world. One of these men was originally listed in the manifest as "Antonio, a negro", but later took the Christian name of the family that purchased him. He became Anthony Johnson. Johnson eventually paid off his debt and became a freedman. As a freedman he eventually bought servants of his own, including a man named "John Casor". At some point, John Casor ran away to the farm of another colonist, a Robert Parker. Johnson took Parker to court and won, the court declaring Casor to be his servant for life. THIS was the precedent for Slavery in America, a black man owning another Black man.

That's one part of history they don't discuss.

Slavery was, and is, a stain on American history, but it is a stain on ALL of our histories... North and South, white and black. you want to erase the honor and heritage of the CSA because of it, go ahead...
I'll meet you in D.C. to begin deconstruction shortly thereafter.

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