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The Demise of The Southern Woman

In Southern Lady,
By Lydia McGaughey Sherman.

In the past, Southern ladies were always looked to as an example of propriety, hospitality, and femininity. It is sad to see them losing their culture. It was a culture that led the way in manners and religion. In the years that the South was referred to as “The Bible Belt,” Southern women led in the teaching of modesty in clothing and behavior to Christian women. It was disappointing to hear Paula Deen speak. On one of her shows, she announced: ” I’m Paula Deen. Y’all want some fried chicken and beer?” On another, she related that she had divorced her first husband, followed by a huge laugh. Perhaps she does not know the enormity of what she represents to the rest of the country. In time of war, it was the Southern women who saved their homes by offering their gentle hospitality to soldiers who might have otherwise burned their property. It was those quiet, gentle, southern women that faithfully taught their children Bible lessons while the men were away. Southern women have always had a strength and determination, and when they use it to preserve the family, and adhere to the principles of the Scriptures, they reach their true glory. The south will never “rise again” until that sweetness and modesty is restored in its women. We recently had a visitor from Louisiana, an elderly man, who said, “You need to stop saying that the western states are a mission field. It is that way in the South, now.”

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